A trip to Lynn Canyon and beyond

July 28, 2022
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North Vancouver is a mecca for hiking enthusiasts, with everything from all-day hikes to a quick jaunt in the woods. Lynn Canyon comes in at the latter end of that scale, offering a retreat from the city without breaking too much of a sweat.

Getting to Lynn Canyon

From both The Cambie Vancouver locations, take the Seabus from Waterfront Station over to Lonsdale Quay, then head out to the bus station. From there catch the #228 and get off at Peters Road and follow the signs for the Ecology Centre, which will take you to the park entrance. From hostel to park entrance takes around an hour.

Exploring the canyon

As soon as you enter the park you’ll feel a thousand miles from the bustle of the city. Fresh mountain air, beautiful greenery and clear water. There’s 617 acres to explore and clearly marked trails to walk along. Built privately in 1912, it’s a beautiful place for a walk and a swim, followed by a yummy picnic. Take your time exploring the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge, which stands are 50 meters above rushing water. Taking a left at the end of the bridge takes you past 30 Foot Pool. Surrounded by lush greenery, take a dip into the crystal clear water and go for a swim. Be warned though, the water is pretty chilly at all times of year, so maybe dip a toe first and see how you feel. Whatever the weather, if you’re going to swim always limit your time in the water and bring warm clothes to change into.

Learn about Lynn Canyon, past, present and future

No visit to Lynn Canyon is complete without heading into the Ecology Centre. The museum building houses a plant, animal and human gallery, educating people about North Vancouver’s ecosystems and environmental concerns. As with any outing into Vancouver’s countryside, it’s always good to be prepared for everything – weather extremes, hunger, bears, cougars – you name it.

Time for a treat at the North Shore Markets

Once you’re done exploring Lynn Canyon you can easily hop back on the same bus and head back the way you came. However, if you’re feeling hungry, or up for a bit more exploring, why not check out the Lonsdale Quay Market on your way. Right next to the Seabus terminal, this market is home to over 80 locally owned businesses that open their doors 7 days a week. With a bustling food court, fresh produce and retail, you can feed yourself and pick up souvenirs. If you’re in the area from May 4 th to September 28 th on a Friday night, it would be rude to not check out The Ship Yards Night Market and all its delights. Sample local food trucks, sit in the craft beer garden and soak up the live entertainment –it’s free entry! Whether you’re stuffed with delicious foods or hungry from your hike, it’s easy to head back to The Cambie Downtown to cook up some grub or rest those tired feet and snuggle up with your favorite TV show and Ding Dong Football AKA Mama (the cat).

Lonsdale Quay Market

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